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Assisted Living Morgan Hill

Primavera Gardens is markedly different compared to corporately-owned assisted care facilities. The level of care given to my mom there has brought me peace of mind.

After spending two weeks in the hospital and a month at a rehabilitation center, my mom's assisted living facility representatives would not let her return without a 24/7 sitter. Since I didn't have the financial means to pay for that additional care, I reached out to friends who had experience with the local senior living communities in the South County area. Primavera Gardens was top of their list, and I'm so grateful for their recommendation.

The day I called Primavera Gardens to inquire about moving my mom there, the manager went to meet her and by day's end, she was moved to her new home. The level of care provided there is so much better than the other two corporately-owned facilities where she previously lived. The caregivers take time to get to know each resident and genuinely care for them. Their primary focus is ensuring my mom's safety and well being. They are very kind and respectful, and treat their residents -- and each other -- with care and support.

The owners are local residents and are frequently onsite making improvements to the facility, always asking for feedback. It's a totally different - and much appreciated difference - compared to the corporate facilities my mom previously lived in where responses to my questions were slow in coming or never replied to at all.

This is a very different community striving to provide the best care possible. I highly recommend Primavera Gardens.