Christina Madden

Author: Primavera Gardens |

Assisted Living Morgan Hill

After my mom had mysteriously fractured her hip at a different facility, spending a week in the hospital and an additional six weeks in a skilled nursing facility. My siblings and I did not want my mom going back to where she was previously.

I was given contact information for Primavera Gardens by the social worker @ the skilled nursing facility the first week my mom was there. I called Claudia that Friday, visited on Saturday and was very impressed w/ what I saw. When I spoke to my sister the next day, she could tell that I liked what I had seen when I was describing it (Her mother-in-law had been in a smaller facility and thrived there).

Approximately five weeks later, my mom was discharged from skilled nursing, where she hardly ever got out of bed, did hardly any physical therapy, and lost approximately 9 pounds (she didn't like the food). Within a couple of hours of dropping her off, after my mom took a nap in her room, I received a phone call and was surprised to hear that she was up walking up and down the hall without the aid of a walker or wheelchair w/ help nearby in case it was needed. All I can say is wow, what a first day.

It has now been two months since my mom became a resident, and she continues to make strides, taking her meds regularly, bathing on a regular basis, eating (she's gaining back some of what she lost) and walking.

The owner's, Claudia and caregivers are all great people, and update you w/ calls, pictures and texts. I would definitely recommend Primavera Gardens.