Katherine Pearson

Author: Primavera Gardens |

Assisted Living Morgan Hill

My mother in law has been at Primavera Gardens for 4 months now and we are so happy that we found this facility. She was declining rapidly in a rehab facility and had to scramble to find a place that could take her and that would provide the full level of care that she required. Claudia worked with us to get Patti moved there ASAP and made sure all of the correct paperwork was in place, even though we were moving her Christmas week.

When she first got there she was confused, scared, immobile and uncomfortable. After a few weeks she was up walking around, visiting with the other residents, regaining her abilities to care for herself and was happy and comfortable.

The staff is exceptional. She is clean and healthy looking and loves the staff and they in turn let her know how much they care for her. She enjoys “living with her friends” and feels very safe and happy.

For us, it is very important that Primavera is all inclusive, there are no surprise charges. She is fed, bathed, given her medication, her hygiene is taken care of, laundry is done… all included in her rental cost.

We are so happy that we found Primavera!